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Webinar: The most interesting trends from UK Construction Week

[Free]  Webinar:

The most interesting trends from UK Construction Week

Thursday October 13:th at 11:00 AM

Register now for the webinar Thursday October 13:th at 11:00 AM.

What will you learn?

UK Construction Week is UK's largest built environment event and Next was as usual there to both present Next Field and Next Planning - but also to pick ut the latest trends from UK Construction Week. Which speakers was the best? What trends can we see and what insights should construction companies in the UK bring from UK Construction Week?

We will sum up the full 3 days in this intense webinar - full of inspiration. You don't want to miss this! Sign up now!


About the speaker

Tom-Erik is the general manager and digitization expert at Next Field.

Together with Next Field, he has helped over 10,000 people in the construction industry to streamline projects.

Next Field develops smart software that simplifies communication with all project participants, task follow-up, HSEQ, documentation and much more.


Tom-Erik vk Martinse

CEO/Simplifying Evangelist